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PTSD, C-PTSD and Trauma Case Consultation for Clinicians

When you have a client who has experienced multiple types of childhood abuse, is experiencing symptoms of PTSD, or wants to work through complex traumatic memories, it can be overwhelming with where to start. You want to help them, but you don’t want to say or do something that could re-traumatize them or set back their healing progress.

That's why it's important to consult with an expert in the field. As a certified EMDR therapist who specializes in trauma and C-PTSD, I offer
trauma case consultation to help therapists, counselors, and social workers provide the best possible care for their clients.

When you work with me, you receive access to:

- My extensive experience working with trauma survivors and my in-depth EMDR therapy knowledge and training
- A safe and confidential space where you can discuss your clients' cases openly and honestly
- Strategies to help you work through challenges and achieve positive outcomes
- A collaborative approach that respects your therapeutic orientation and helps you develop a treatment plan that meets your client’s individual needs

Whether you are a seasoned therapist or just beginning, I can provide you with the guidance you need to best support your clients.

For your convenience, I offer:

- A flexible schedule to accommodate your busy practice
- Competitive rates - $50 for 30 minutes; $100 for one hour
- A variety of consultation formats, including in-person, phone, and video conferencing

Contact me today to schedule a consultation.