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LGBTQIA-Affirming Therapy

What does LGBTQIA stand for?

L - Lesbian
G - Gay
B - Bisexual
T - Transgender or Trans
Q - Queer or Questioning
I - Intersex
A - Asexual

As an LGBTQIA-affirming therapist, I embrace a positive view of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender or Trans, Queer or Questioning, Intersex and Asexual identities and relationships. Basically, LGBTQIA-affirming therapy is the opposite of conversion therapy or reparative therapy. You are wonderful and accepted just as you are. 

That said, not everyone agrees with this viewpoint. I recognize that bullying, homophobia, bi-phobia or bi-erasure, transphobia, and heterosexism are very real experiences. I empathize with the lack of awareness, understanding and support for the intersex community; the frustration in those who identify as asexual and are tired of people asking them about romantic relationship prospects.

I provide a safe, supportive and nurturing space to work through your internalization of these negative messages. I will support you as we explore how and where your sexual identity and sexual orientation fit in the bigger picture of your identity as a whole. 

For parents who are struggling to understand what their child is going through; I am here to support you, too. This can be a confusing and challenging time. Again, I provide a safe space to explore your concerns, fears, sorrows without judgment. This may provide an opportunity for family healing and growth via family therapy as well. 

No matter what your issue, I am here to support you. If you think we may be a good match to work together, please contact me today