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Online Counseling

Ditch the Commute, Find Your Comfort

Why online counseling might be your ideal match

Traditional therapy is great, but sometimes you may want or need a more convenient, flexible option. That's why I offer both in-person and online therapy. While my physical location is in Columbus, Ohio (OH); I love that I can see clients all over the state as well as clients from all over California (CA). 

But is it right for you? 

Pros of online counseling:

  • Convenience: No more battling traffic or fitting appointments into your busy schedule. 
  • Accessibility: Sometimes it can be hard to find the right therapist who meets your unique needs - online counseling helps make that easier. 
  • Comfort: Feel at ease in your own familiar space, which can be especially helpful when you're working through complex trauma, depression or anxiety.
  • Privacy: I use a HIPPA-compliant secure online platform. 
  • Save time and money: You don't have to waste time on a commute, and you can save on travel costs.

Cons of online counseling:

  • Technology dependence: Reliable internet and a quiet, private space are essential.
  • Missing nonverbal cues: There's something special about sharing space with another human. When I only see the upper half of you, I might miss body language that could be important to our work together.
  • Potential technical difficulties: While rare, internet glitches or device issues can disrupt sessions.

Ultimately, the choice between online and in-person counseling comes down to your individual needs and preferences. If you think online therapy may be the right fit for you, let's talk.