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EMDR Therapy

If you've spent months or years working through traditional talk therapy and seen little-to-no relief from your emotional pain, please do not give up hope.

You are not broken. You are not damaged. You are not defective.

Sometimes talk therapy isn't enough, especially when it comes to trauma survival. That's because trauma shuts down the part of brain that governs language and speech. 

Traumatic events often implant negative beliefs. You may feel shame, anger, hurt, sadness, anxiety, depression, worthlessness, etc. Trauma hijacks our logic and reason. You don't have to be its prisoner. 

Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) may be your solution.

EMDR is an integrative, evidence-based approach designed to help your brain heal itself from trauma and other chronic debilitating conditions. It stimulates the brain to reprocess negative memories associated with traumatic experiences. 

Although it was originally designed to help post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) survivors, EMDR has also shown to be effective for:

EMDR may provide relief from the painful memories and negative self-beliefs that have plagued you for so long. You don’t have to struggle anymore.  

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As an integrative therapist, I especially enjoy using EMDR therapy because of its demonstrated effectiveness for bridging the gap between mind and body. Please explore my site to get a feel for who I am and how I prefer to work. If you think EMDR may help, please reach out today